Buckwheat blossom honey
Buckwheat blossom honey Buckwheat blossom honey

Buckwheat blossom honey

People have been asking for Buckwheat honey for years now, likely because of its reported health benefits and high antioxidant levels.  We tried two seasons in a row to get a crop off some buckwheat fields up in everson, but failed to produce any sort of crop.  Seems you need a couple things that whatcom county just doesn't have; long hot days and buckwheat grown for seed, not cover.  

So we set out to find raw washington state buckwheat honey and it took a couple more years, but we found a beekeeper over in the (really hot) yakima area who's been quite successful in getting his bees to produce an abundant crop of pure buckwheat honey.  This stuff is the real deal, pure and unfiltered!

Flowering buckwheat produces a field of petite little white flowers.

It seems strange that such tiny pale blossoms could produce what many call the strongest honey they've ever had!  Buckwheat honey has a taste described as being strong, malty, molasses, chocolatey, earthy, farmy, and unique.   Many find the flavor too strong for a light tea or toast, but rather use it in baking recipes, barbecue sauces, and stronger darker teas.  

Try it for yourself and see what you think.  Buckwheat honey is so different and really demonstrates that it's all about the nectar source when it comes to unique honey flavors!

Type: Honey

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