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'tis the season to do more than humanly possible!

Ahh, Christmas!  The glorious season of high expectations, short days, long hours, increased emotions, and diminished markets!  And we wouldn't trade it for the world!

 We had an amazing 6 week run at the bellevue saturday farmers market and will absolutely return there for the full season next year(sorry shoreline!!).  We were sorry to see it end on 11/23, as well as many other seasonal farmers markets that have closed down til next spring.  Since then it has been a return to pike place, our first and most beloved seattle farmers market.  The crowds are still thick and the locals are out in droves, shopping for the perfect holiday gifts.  

At the Sunny Honey headquarters in Mount vernon, we have been soooooo busy putting together items especially for the christmas season.  Beeswax dipped gift jars in 3 sizes, Worker bee body balm (so popular!), beeswax lip balm, and an awesome summertime stash of Mt Baker Wildflower honey has busily been bottled.  

Don't hesitate to send your favorite relatives a unique box of Sunny Honey treats.  Each box is carefully packaged, receives a hand written note from the beekeeper, and is stamped with an adorably embossed honeybee stamp on all sides.  Supplies are fairly limited, don't miss out!!!!!

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  • Sarath

    That’s really iietrestnng, thanks for doing it.It would be iietrestnng to taste his honey since it’s not from any one plant. I’ve always liked orange honey, tried sagebrush honey once, once only, Strong stuff.

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