About us!

It all started with a box of bees and a dream!

After years of working for multiple venders, including a honey stand in the Pike Place Market.  Anne Smith took a leap of faith and got her first box of bees.  With an understanding landlord, in the heart of the city, Anne placed her first lil bee hive right outside her apartment and dreamt of what could BEE...


One box of bees turned into a few more, and those few turned into a move to Bellingham, WA for Anne and her bees.  Sunny Honey Co. still keeps their bees in the beautiful part of the state.  Anne was able to extract enough honey to start selling at small local farmer's markets.  She will be the first to tell you that she got her start by the kindness of a farmer who let her put a few jars of honey on his farm table.  With lots of love and support from her fellow farmers, a few jars a week turned into a couple cases and then her own table at local farmer's markets.  Before she knew it, she was ready for the big time, Pike Place Market!  "It's like coming home, I'm home." said Anne when thinking about being back in the market.  Setting up shop in the morning amid the hustle and bustle of all the produce, fish and crafters Anne was home and with a stand of her very own!

Anne's love and dedication to her craft made Sunny Honey Co. an easy choice for the PDA (Preservation Development Association) when a permanent lil store front became available right under the big clock, behind the pig's tail and next to where they throw the fish!  Sunny Honey Co. now employs 4 full time honey gals!  From hive to home, every step of the process to get folks great honey, is done with love and kindness for that is how this lil shop came to BEE!


In addition to selling the best honey around, we also sell unfiltered beeswax and a few beeswax body products.  Our lip balm is amazing and when we have the time, our subtle scented and clean burning 100% beeswax candles are delightful.


 Everything we sell is seasonal and usually of limited quantity, so things change often! Thanks for checking us out, and buzz by our store for a sample of the best honey around!