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This past weekend was intense.  Four days of waiting, hoping for the weather to change, fulfilling obligations to our day jobs, taking truckloads of wild bees to work with us (sorry West Seattle!!!), trudging though mudbogs and far back farm fields, and installing increasingly hungry and ornery package bees into hives.  We did it, though, and without any nasty stings (last year was a different story all happy there are no photo options on this blog).

Now it's back to smooth sailing and free time.  We are happy with the dandelion, big leaf maple, and blueberry blossoms out in abundance this week.  We are happy about next week's weather forecast.  And mostly we are happy to have a second to catch up on social networking and website improvement!!

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  • Marinella

    I can not wait to see this episode! We have a fnreid who has 3 hives and we get honey from him, would love to try it myself in a few years, even tho I know my daughter and neice are both going to think I am nuts .they both claim to be allergic to bees .their late grandfather was a bit dramatic about bees and passed it on to them. I was always scared of them as a kid/teenager, but have come to have a better understanding of them, with shows like yours!! Thanks for such an inspiring show!!

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