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Bad at Blogging

I think one of the reasons why I'm so bad at/not interested in/have no time for writing this blog is that I can't attach photos to my stories.  Pictures emote so much more than words ever can, and I don't feel strongly enough that I can share the experience of beekeeping through prose alone.  

That said, here's a run down of recent events:

Had the best weekend ever in Sunny Honey record on Mother's Day at Pike Place Market.  Great sunny skies, and my own mother as helper (not to forget the AMAZING Sarah Lippek) really propelled us to success. People grabbed everything they could off the stand, including (my mistake, I'm sooooo sorry) a sample jar of the Worker Bee Body Balm as gifts for moms and selves alike.  

Bees are doing the best in years, with a warm and sunny, earliest in years, springtime. Georgetown neighborhood hives are crushing with tons of early maple blossom honey, and hopefully black locust honey to mix.  Whatcom and Peirce county hives are building up strong, with blackberries nearly ready to pop.  It's time I get off this keyboard and into the honey house to ready my honeycomb supers!  

Orders are coming in from stores and markets alike, and we are crossing our fingers that a big honey flow will be ready soon.  We saved approximately 400 lbs from last season to sell in the Growing Washington CSA this spring, but so far not many people have signed up.  This is good news for markets, as we now have an unexpected surplus of 2012 honey.  

Happy Memorial Day to all.  Remember to raise your glass, or pour one out for all the veterans who allow us to enjoy the concerts, campouts, s'mores, and hotdogs that we enjoy this weekend.