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Will there ever be an EASY button?

 the answer is yes, someday there will be an easy button.  Someday when I can afford to purchase land and make the honey farm of my dreams, one where I will cultivate different flowering plants in succession of one another so that the bees will always have plenty of nectar and pollen, and will make the most amazing proprietary honey ever tasted!

But for now I must build my honey empire on other peoples land.  Very far in distance from my rental house.  And get stuck in city traffic both directions.

The lemonade here is that the farther south one travels in western Washington, the warmer and earlier the blooms appear.   and the bloom we are interested in in blackberry!  Our sumner, wa hives are doing splendidly, with supers on all of them to catch this amazing summertime honey! I was worried about the bees because the landowner said he hadn't see much activity over in their area.  I think thats because the grass had grown over the hive in just two weeks time. I got it all tramped down.  At the end of the visit, two things were certain:  the bees were so happy and engaged that they barely noticed me at all.  And I had never been happier to take off that darn bee suit.  80+ degrees outside means 90+ inside!