I never thought i'd say this but the rain is delightful!

Waking up this morning to the gentle pitter patter of rain is one of the most exciting and relaxing sounds I've heard in awhile.

While we have had a very early, and very productive, dry summer, the lack of just a little rain has me worried about upcoming nectar flows.  Fireweed won't produce much if it's a really dry year, as well as Japanese Knotweed (yes, I know, highly invasive...but makes our only dark honey of the year!).

We have learned that the DNR wants to charge us a bigger fee than we'd like to pay for the use of state land in Fireweed honey production, so todays rainy morning we will try for plan #2 - ask the private landowner!!!  While out for a Sunday drive last week, I discovered the Holy Grail of lowland, easy to access fireweed fields.  Hopefully by Sunday we can get moved up there!!

Today we are bottling Raspberry blossom, and will likely get it back up on the webstore soon.  Raspberry blossom is the base for our creamed honey, so if you are waiting for that wonderful dripless honey, or Cinnamon creamed, the wait shouldn't be long!!!!