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Raspberry Blossom honey

Raspberry Blossom honey

At long last, we are so pleased to announce the return of one of our all time favorite honeys - Raspberry Blossom from Whatcom county!  This is the honey we began producing 14 years ago, with our hives located deep inside rural Whatcom County where it's just dairies and berries for as far as the eye can see!

These days we can't keep up with demand and it's been a poor crop for the last couple of springs, so we've actually been out of this variety for well over a year.  The multitudes of beehives up in the Garrison/Lindsay rd neighborhood in Nooksack pollinate the seemingly endless rows of raspberry blossoms each year.  This year the honey crop was in surplus, and we get to sell some to you!

You are going to fall in love with this delicate and floral variety.  It crystalizes quickly and becomes creamy, but will melt in your tea in moments. It is a real microlocal treat for anyone looking for western washington springtime honey!

It is, as it's always been, 100% pure, raw, local and unfiltered!!!