New batch Worker Bee Body Balm, with some very unrefined characters!

We did something different with this newest batch of Worker Bee Body Balm, and the color and scent are dramatically different!  Instead of our normal bulk body products source in Bellingham, we found unrefined shea butter at Whole Foods in Seattle, and as the #2 ingredient besides beeswax, boy does that make a difference.  Real shea butter is almost green and so fragrant, as opposed to the refined shea butter that we've been buying through Brambleberry/Otion which tends to be pure white and fragrance free.  Look at how different the end result is, from a batch last month to the batch today!this is the raw, unrefined beeswax and unrefined shea, along with coconut oil, pure lanolin, and a drizzle of sweet almond oil getting ready to melt and mix together.

Heres the end product cooling off 

now look at the last batch, with the biggest difference being color of beeswax and having used refined shea butter instead:

This last test batch has yielded 25 tubs.  The scent is the same, a bright and claiming mixture of grapefruit, tea tree, and lavender essential oils, over the warm and soothing base notes of coconut and pure beeswax.  This smooth, natural, and preservative free body balm is exactly what your dry and cold winter skin is crying out for!  Stop by the shop for a sample and see for yourself!!!!