Signs of spring

 While the snow still steadily falls on our relatives-back-East head's, we are enjoying the first signs of spring here in Western Washington.    It always kind of feels like spring here, when you're from a freezing in winter/hot and humid in summer place like Northern Michigan.  But today I saw crocus blooming, in both purple and white.  Mini daffodils are up, and the markets are starting to fill with tulips and daffodils grown in hoophouses.  Hazelnut and pussy willow are both giving off tons of pollen, and a few cherries in the right places are blooming pink.  

The bees have been flying for weeks, and most of the hives look steady coming out of what we call Winter.  There's no saying what will happen in the next few months in terms of hive health, but we have pollen patties and fondant feed in all our boxes for the ladies to snack on until the first big nectar and pollen flow.

Spring is also a time to get all our old equipment, supers, and frames repainted and reset for the summer.  New packages will be here in 6 weeks and after that, the time flies by.  

I love spring for it's hopefulness, it's feeling of rebirth, that glimpse of first flower or smell of fresh dirt.  Here's to hard work, less rain, and looking forward!