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My Dad's Syrup

Maple syrup has been a fascination of mine for years now.  Maybe it was when I had my first honey harvest, but something a few years back really clicked with me about the magic of all natural sweeteners. Like honey, maple syrup is a season food, but unlike honey, maple syrup can only be produced in one part of the world.  A part of the world where I come from! My home state of Michigan has seen for the majority of my life, a downturn in it's economy due to the decline of the auto industry.  When detroit gets a cold, the entire state gets the flu!  I left my home state after college because there just weren't the opportunities...

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Signs of spring

 While the snow still steadily falls on our relatives-back-East head's, we are enjoying the first signs of spring here in Western Washington.    It always kind of feels like spring here, when you're from a freezing in winter/hot and humid in summer place like Northern Michigan.  But today I saw crocus blooming, in both purple and white.  Mini daffodils are up, and the markets are starting to fill with tulips and daffodils grown in hoophouses.  Hazelnut and pussy willow are both giving off tons of pollen, and a few cherries in the right places are blooming pink.   The bees have been flying for weeks, and most of the hives look steady coming out of what we call Winter.  There's...

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