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My Dad's Syrup

Maple syrup has been a fascination of mine for years now.  Maybe it was when I had my first honey harvest, but something a few years back really clicked with me about the magic of all natural sweeteners. Like honey, maple syrup is a season food, but unlike honey, maple syrup can only be produced in one part of the world.  A part of the world where I come from! My home state of Michigan has seen for the majority of my life, a downturn in it's economy due to the decline of the auto industry.  When detroit gets a cold, the entire state gets the flu!  I left my home state after college because there just weren't the opportunities...

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Honey hand soap with fresh foraged dandelion

on the last few days of this spring's dandelion bloom, Olga and I went foraging for blossoms in one of our bee yards.  We collected two bags full of fresh dandelion flowers, and before they could dry, we infused them straight into our certified organic honey hand soap!The scent is light and vegetal, crisp and clean, and the soap turned a bit more yellow in hue.  A lovely seasonal treat that we will surely make again next spring!

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