Quick, easy snack! Banana, almond butter, and honey!

As I drove home from Seattle this morning, I mentally went through the food I knew I had in the pantry, and didn't allow myself to stop for an easy and quick breakfast sammie on the road, even though I reeeeeeeaaallly wanted one!

To my dismay, upon arriving home I discovered that my last remaining Breadfarm hoagie bun was covered in white spots, thus ruining my chances of breakfast sammie at home ( I kind of have a thing where I don't like eggs unless accompanied by toast).

Frustrated, and almost gave up and followed a dangerous course of coffee-only breakfast (watch out world!) until I saw the perfect little snack to get me back on track.

I had one perfectly ripe banana, some brand new fancy almond butter, and honey!

I sliced the banana in coin sized pieces, gave each a healthy dollop of almond butter( peanut would work here, as would hazelnut or any other nut butter.  I love crunchy!) and then squeezed honey from a bear all over the plate.  I ate the pieces with a fork, and was honestly quite satisfied for much longer than I expected.  

This is officially my new favorite snack!  Also, this is a great excuse to buy the Justin's Nut Butter I've had my eye on for awhile.  At $13 per tub, a special occasion might be in order!