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Did I not tell you about this already?

Oh no, I'm so sorry for forgetting to shout this recipe from the rooftops.  It's the absolute perfect addition to summertime fruit (especially strawberries) and it's so healthy.  I take full credit for the initial idea, but cousin ted takes the prize for making it and taking it to some next level s*#t!! So I'll call it healthy honey whipped cream: take a quart of plain greek style yogurt (has to be greek, european style wont cut it) and pour it into a fine strainer or cheese cloth.  Let set overnight in your fridge over a bowl that will catch all the whey as it separates.  What you have left is thick enough to pass as whipped cream.  Put the...

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Quick, easy snack! Banana, almond butter, and honey!

As I drove home from Seattle this morning, I mentally went through the food I knew I had in the pantry, and didn't allow myself to stop for an easy and quick breakfast sammie on the road, even though I reeeeeeeaaallly wanted one! To my dismay, upon arriving home I discovered that my last remaining Breadfarm hoagie bun was covered in white spots, thus ruining my chances of breakfast sammie at home ( I kind of have a thing where I don't like eggs unless accompanied by toast). Frustrated, and almost gave up and followed a dangerous course of coffee-only breakfast (watch out world!) until I saw the perfect little snack to get me back on track. I had one...

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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

It's Memorial Day weekend and it's also rhubarb STRAWBERRY season here in Washington State.  What better way to entertain (or just bake for yourself) than with a homemade pie. Ok, for starters, we all know a handmade pie crust is best, with lard or butter for maximum flakiness and flavor.  But between work and home chores, we didn't have time (but if we did, we would) so a frozen section grocery store crust will do.  Remember to get two crusts, because this pie, unlike pumpkin or key lime, needs a top crust. Here's where it gets a little tricky, because we don't exactly measure everything.  Play it by ear and you'll do fine! We chopped up: one pound of rhubarb...

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