Did I not tell you about this already?

Oh no, I'm so sorry for forgetting to shout this recipe from the rooftops.  It's the absolute perfect addition to summertime fruit (especially strawberries) and it's so healthy.  I take full credit for the initial idea, but cousin ted takes the prize for making it and taking it to some next level s*#t!!

So I'll call it healthy honey whipped cream:

take a quart of plain greek style yogurt (has to be greek, european style wont cut it) and pour it into a fine strainer or cheese cloth.  Let set overnight in your fridge over a bowl that will catch all the whey as it separates.  What you have left is thick enough to pass as whipped cream.  Put the yogurt in a mixer, on low, and add about 3-6 ounces of your favorite honey (depending on taste...oh and we heated the honey up a little so it mixed easier) with a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a little bit of orange zest.  The orange zest isn't necessary and could easily be lemon or lime, depending on your taste.  Mix this all together and use as a fruit dip or cake frosting or sweet treat topper.  It is amazing and everyone will think it's whip cream!!!

thanks to cousin teddy, the kitchen whiz, for making this last june!