Honey has been coming in from all the apiaries, so much so that I haven't been able to spend as much time on the website as I'd like.  Someday soon I'll have really uniform product images and an updated inventory.  But between driving north and south, traffic, markets, extracting, bottling, hand writing labels, and many AWESOME house guests, I just haven't gotten to it!

We have extracted and sold most of the early springtime wildflower honey from our Seattle urban hives, and now just in the last two days have extracted 300 more lbs of farm fresh Blueberry blossom honey!  I'm right handed and use that arm for most of the extracting (hand-crank, folks!) and as of today I'm a little worried that I'll have one Popeye arm and one weak one.

We put our hives right next to the blueberry fields last April and May.  The bees don't exactly love blueberry blossoms so they are really likely to fly over them to the flowering kale and cabbage, or dandelions, or maple trees.  You can taste a little bitterness from the dandelion and maple, which I think rounds out the sweetness of the honey.  It's what I'd consider a light to medium colored and bodied honey.  Next up is Raspberry blossom, followed by Blackberry.

 I'm debating whether or not to take some bees to new locations for August and September.  I have a place in Ellensburg where I can keep as many as I'd like, and have debated making the commitment to drive all that way for years.  I'd also love some Fireweed honey again this year, but lifting the hives alone is impossible for me and it's hard to find eager help;)

Keep checking back for updates, and in the meantime here's where you can find fresh Blueberry blossom honey:

The Goods produce and nursery (Bellingham)

Growing Washington CSA webstore (online)

New Roots Organics (online home delivery)

Madison Market/Central Co-op (Seattle Capitol Hill)

Shoreline Farmers Market (Saturdays 10-3 ...I'll be there!)

Seattle City Hall Express Market (Tuesdays 10-2...I'll be there!)

University District Farmers Market (at the Alm Hill Gardens stand)

West Seattle Farmers Market (at the Alm Hill Gardens stand)

Broadway Sunday Farmers Market (at the Alm Hill Gardens stand)

All of the above listed places have really limited quantity of honey and it's best to get to any farmers market early to grab a jar.  Thanks everybody and HAPPY SUNSHINE!!