Our best-selling Northwest Wildflower is back in stock and it is DELICIOUS!!!

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Honey has been coming in from all the apiaries, so much so that I haven't been able to spend as much time on the website as I'd like.  Someday soon I'll have really uniform product images and an updated inventory.  But between driving north and south, traffic, markets, extracting, bottling, hand writing labels, and many AWESOME house guests, I just haven't gotten to it! We have extracted and sold most of the early springtime wildflower honey from our Seattle urban hives, and now just in the last two days have extracted 300 more lbs of farm fresh Blueberry blossom honey!  I'm right handed and use that arm for most of the extracting (hand-crank, folks!) and as of today I'm a...

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Two years ago I was invited to my dear friend Annie Cooper's baby shower in South Park, Seattle.  I had been keeping bees in Annie's backyard since 2008, and while she is completely terrified of the beehives, has been an amazing babysitter and advocate for keeping bees.   So I was feeling really lame because I should have been the one to throw Annie a baby shower, but I lived two hours away in a tiny house in the middle of nowhere.  To make up for it, I gifted 24 little honey jars with a custom labels just for Annie's shower guests (actually, Noa O'Hare did all the label work, I just got all the credit!) that were a big...

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